Clinical Standards Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to:

  1. Promote quality clinical ophthalmic practice
  2. Develop and maintain high quality, evidence based resources and guidance for use by Fellows, patients, carers, governments and the public
  3. Provide advice and direction to the Board on emerging issues in clinical excellence
  4. Provide input into clinical guidelines, position statements and RANZCO responses to submissions and inquiries that relate to:
  • safety and quality of clinical practice
  • ophthalmic techniques
  • visual standards for occupations and activities (e.g. standards for eye protection, aviation requirements, fitness to drive etc.).

Current members

  • Rick Wolfe (Chair)
  • Paul Beaumont
  • Dan Polya
  • Elaine Wong
  • Julian Mazzetti
  • Robert Buttery
  • Keith Ong
  • Adrian Fung

The Committee's full pdfTerms of Reference is now available.