Medicare Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to:

  1. Provide advice to the Australian Department of Health and the Department of Veterans Affairs

  2. Convey information to Fellows on issues associated with descriptors and the correct usage of items in the MBS

  3. Consideration of new proposals for services to be included in the MBS and/or in private health funds

  4. Consideration of proposals for reimbursement of services, prostheses, devices or other items in applicable schemes

  5. Making recommendations to the Board on endorsing or rejecting such proposals based on their merits.

Current members

  • Brad Horsburgh (Chair)
  • Alex P Hunyor
  • Michael Steiner
  • Ross Benger
  • William Glasson
  • Peter Sumich
  • Clayton Barnes
  • Allan Rosenberg
  • Rohan Merani

The Committee's full Terms of Reference (PDF 148.3KB) is now available.