Women in Ophthalmology Group

Dr Genevieve Oliver

Dr Genevieve Oliver, Chair of WiO Advisory Group, presenting at RANZCO 2018 

Since being established, the Women in Ophthalmology (WIO) group has undertaken several initiatives to increase female representation on RANZCO committees and in leadership roles, and to help women succeed at all levels of their ophthalmology careers. In recent years, the WIO has established a core Advisory Group to better support female trainees and Fellows, advocating on issues that enable greater gender equality in ophthalmology and medicine more broadly.

During the 50th RANZCO Congress held in Adelaide in 2018, the WIO Advisory Group hosted a lunch to set the strategic direction of the group for the next two years. This was a well-attended event that generated robust discussion and set clear priorities that have been captured in the 2019-2020 Women in Ophthalmology Strategic Plan (PDF 1.4MB).

We encourage all RANZCO fellows and trainees to connect and support their colleagues and to engage in College activities at all levels. By working together, we are stronger doctors, we are a stronger College, and we are stronger advocates for our patients.

Across Australia and New Zealand, each state now has a WIO Advisory Group representative, they are:
NZ: Andrea Vincent a.vincent@auckland.ac.nz
QLD: Jayne Camuglia via ranzco@ranzco.edu
VIC/TAS: Anu Mathew mathewaanu@gmail.com
NSW: Stephanie Watson stephanie.watson@sydney.edu.au
SA/NT: Aanchal Gupta via ranzco@ranzco.edu
WA: Jane Khan jckhan@gmail.com
Trainees: Michelle Tian Sun sun.t.michelle@gmail.com

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