RANZCO Leadership Development Program

The RANZCO LDP has strong participation from the RANZCO Board and is overseen by the Leadership Development Committee, Catherine Green, David Mackey and Christine Younan, and managed by the General Manager Policy and Programs, Gerhard Schlenther.

Congratulations to Dr Shenton Chew and Dr Clare Fraser who were awarded the AVANT Leadership Grant at RANZCO's 49th Annual Scientific Meeting.

What is the RANZCO Leadership Development Program?

The RANZCO Leadership Development Program (LDP) is part of RANZCO's charter to build leadership and advocacy skills within its Fellows. It aims to support ophthalmologists who work for the greater good of the community and ophthalmology as a profession, and to develop the next generation of ophthalmic leaders.

The RANZCO Leadership Development Program is proud to feature RANZCO LDP Alumni and their comments

What are the intended Program outcomes?

  • Enhanced pool of leaders who can contribute to strategic initiatives of the College and participate in its structures including the Board, Council, committees and special interest groups (SIG's).
  • Promotion and effective communication of issues in Ophthalmology.   
  • Development of self-aware leaders who can question their own and others' assumptions in a collaborative leadership setting.
  • Showcasing leadership participant's projects at the Annual Scientific Meeting.

Basis for Selection to RANZCO LDP

Fellows who apply should demonstrate contributions in either patient care enhancement, training and education, research and development, or community work, and state how their participation would benefit the profession.

Branch and/or Special Interest Group (SIG) endorsement of candidates is essential and applicants are required to make the case for their application to a relevant SIG or Branch for consideration. In addition, Branches and SIGs are required to fund the travel and accommodation costs of Applicants.

Selection panel

The selection panel for candidates of the LDP comprises of the RANZCO President, RANZCO CEO and the Leadership Development Committee.