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Sarah Welch
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Andrew Thompson
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Luke MacCheron
Andrew White
Fred Chen
Aanchal Gupta
Andrew Symons


andrew symonsandrew-symmons-website

 "RANZCO and Cathy Green organised a very comprehensive set of sessions covering multiple aspects of leadership from the nitty-gritty of interacting with colleagues and running meetings to the broader vistas of dealing with organisations and foreign cultures. There were multiple opportunities to receive feedback regarding our ideas, our personality styles as leaders, and our presentation technique, all in a great networking environment. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this great programme."



Jane Khanjane_khan_website

 “Having completed the LDP programme last year has given me both the confidence and contacts to be more actively involved in the college. We were initially invited to observe the council meeting this gave invaluable insights into the decision-making processes of the college. The series of workshops were both fun and useful in terms of understanding our own character traits and how to put them to use to achieve outcomes. I highly recommend this programme for those seeking to develop their communication and leadership skills”.


andrew thompsonandrew-Thompson

“The sessions enabled me to develop practical skills useful to create a great team and effect change. Personality profiling highlighted my own personality traits (whether I liked them or not) and those of others, and how best to fully engage and involve people in a team recognising their differences. Learning how systems work and developing negotiation skills to achieve mutually acceptable outcomes were invaluable. Improving my presentation skills through experiential learning was challenging (as it was for all of us) but a highlight of the programme and a fantastic experience. I highly recommend this programme to anyone considering, or already involved in, a leadership role.” Read more here (PDF 567.3KB).

Fred Chenfred-chen

 “The LDP made me realise that as ophthalmologists, we CAN make a positive difference to our community through many ways other than direct one-to-one patient care. This program has enhanced our skills in leadership and it offered an encouraging learning experience. The course has been catered for ophthalmologists of all stages of career. It is a must for those exploring their potential in management and directorship in College activities, research and academic career, public health service and education.”


Andrew white andrew

“ The LDP gives us the opportunity to see how RANZCO works from the inside out and enables a much stronger interaction which can only help get things done in our respective practices. Having a specific project to undertake sharpens the mind about how to implement that pipe dream we may have had about changing things for the better as well as being able to bring the resources of RANZCO to assist. On top of that it is an opportunity for personal growth and reflection about how we interact with others as well as what we have to do to achieve goals not only for ourselves but also to make improvements to the wider health system.”

Caroline Catt Catt Caroline

"The LDP came highly recommended to me from a previous participant, and it did not disappoint. Like all things that are good for you, the LDP was challenging and at times uncomfortable: To have your habits and patterns in interpersonal interactions exposed is confronting, but to have it done in such a supportive and generous environment made it valuable and constructive. The public speaking sessions were outstanding. It was absolutely the best education I've ever had in making presentations.”


Christine Younan
Xavier Fagan
Grant Raymond
David Wechsler
Rowan Porter
Andrea Vincent

dr xavier faganXavier Fagan

"The LDP was a very well organised and informative series of sessions. The program focused on develop- ing several key elements that are required to perform effectively in a teamwork environment. Topics covered included a wide range such as public speaking, personnel management, lobbying for positive change, dealing with hospital and medical system administrations. There was also ample time to reflect on our own personal styles and how this may influence our interaction with others.

Through the assistance of the program, I was able to successfully apply for a clinic to commence intra-vitreal pharmacotherapies at a tertiary referral hospital in metropolitan Melbourne. This has been of substantial benefit to continuity of patient care and providing a service for the local community."


Christine Younanchristine younan

"I was fortunate to be involved in the RANZCO Leadership Development Program (LDP) during 2013. David Wechsler and I were the NSW representatives, and we were joined by Fellows from other Australian training states and from New Zealand.

For some time I have had an interest in being more involved and trying to make a difference to eye health beyond the one-to-one interaction of a patient consultation (which I still enjoy!). I am aware that I still have a lot to learn, but being part of the leadership development program has given me a greater skill set to pursue this interest. I would certainly encourage other Fellows with a similar interest to be involved in this program."

andrea vincentAndrea Vincent

"Undertaking the LDP was a very thought-provoking and invaluable life experience.

The skills gained include a better understanding of the dynamics of human interaction by evaluating our own personality types and styles of management, and how to more effectively interact with colleagues and employees in meetings and negotiations by taking into consideration others styles of personal interaction and motivations.

The public speaking workshops were fabulous, -being evaluated for our shortcomings, and having less than desirable traits highlighted, was a little confronting, but the environment was supportive, and all of us enhanced our speaking skills over the course of the program. I would highly recommend participation in this extremely well run program, and congratulate Cathy Green for her organisation and passion in establishing this initiative."