Examinations and Work-Based Assessments

Progress on the Vocational Training Program (VTP) is monitored through a number of different assessment methods. Each assessment method is underpinned by the curriculum standards.

  1. The trainee's progress in the first three months is managed by the Director of Training and the Term Supervisor of the first rotation. Their role is to ensure the trainee achieves the induction competencies during this period . The trainee’s progress against the induction competencies is recorded, signed by the Term Supervisor and returned to the College at the end of the third month on the training program.
  2. The trainee's progress in the practical and on-job elements of the seven key roles of an ophthalmologist is assessed by Term Supervisors and Clinical Tutors during each training rotation. Progress is monitored through a series of interactions and recorded on different work-based assessment forms.
  3. The trainee's progress in knowledge elements of the curriculum standards is assessed by formal examinations at the basic and advanced training examinations.

Please refer to the Trainee Progression Policy and VTP Handbook for more information.

VTP Handbook (PDF 321.3KB) (Printable version)