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Health and Wellbeing Resources

Welcome to the Health and Wellbeing area for members. The content found here has been curated by the College’s Health and Wellbeing Working Group. You can send feedback, questions and ideas to them via

The Health and Wellbeing Group encourage you to visit DRS4DRS. This website is only for the use of medical professionals and medical students. DRS4DRS has been developed by the medical profession for the medical profession.

Below are a selection of articles endorsed by the Health and Wellbeing Working Group, as well as information about the College’s EAP service.


Keeping Yourself Well Brochure

New resource, packed with practical tips

Developed with the help of the RANZCP, the new Keeping Yourself Well brochure has been written for trainees and Fellows and provides useful information about managing Health & Wellbeing as well as detail of other support material and resources.



Homegrown App: CPD Diary

RANZCO’s own CPD Diary App that provides a great and convenient way to enter CPD activities and points. Not only does it auto-populate your points and CPD categories when you select a CPD activity, but it also tracks them in real time. Download on Android and Apple.

Homegrown App: CEO Journal (available everywhere)

RANZCO’s own CEO Journal App. Instructions on how to download the app are available here.

Suggested Apps


Mentemia (available in Australia and New Zealand)

All Blacks legend and mental health champion Sir John Kirwan, along with tech entrepreneur Adam Clark and medical advisers, have produced this app. It provides practical tops and techniques to help users take control of their mental health and wellbeing. Download on Android and Apple.

Waking Up (available everywhere)

Waking Up by Sam Harris, a neuroscientist, philosopher and New York Times bestselling author exploring the practice of meditation and the theory behind it. Download on Android and Apple.

Insight Timer

Insight Timer is a library of 12,000 meditations and music tracks that help with sleep, anxiety, happiness, mindfulness, stress, etc. It is particularly good at helping you get to sleep or back to sleep after that 2-3AM awakening. Download on Android and Apple.


This is a meditation and mindfulness app made for healthcare professionals by healthcare professionals! Download on Android and Apple.

App on the go? Strava

This app allows you to track your exercise in an individual or group setting. Dr Seb Brown has set up a RANZCO HWB group so make sure you join that once you’re set up. Download on Android and Apple.

Ten Percent Happier

This is a meditation and mindfulness app – usually paid but currently FREE for healthcare professionals.

Suggested Podcasts


  • In ‘The Happiness Lab‘ podcast, Yale professor Dr Laurie Santos will take you through the latest scientific research and share some surprising and inspiring stories that will forever alter the way you think about happiness.
  • RANZCO Fellow, Dr Jacqui Beltz’s podcasts on GENEYE. Topics such as attitude, body and mind are covered and are highly rated by the members of the Health and Wellbeing Group.
  • Pomegranate Health is an award-winning podcast about the culture of medicine. How do doctors make difficult clinical and ethical decisions? How can one communicate better with patients? How can health delivery be made more equitable and efficient? You’ll hear from clinicians, researchers and advocates. Every episode is developed with the guidance of RACP members to inspire excellence in practice. More information is on the RACP website, along with a list of other recommended podcasts.


Worth Learning


  • Check out the free Science of Well-being course from Yale University. In this course, you will engage in a series of challenges designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits. As preparation for these tasks, Prof Laurie Santos reveals misconceptions about happiness, annoying features of the mind that lead us to think the way we do, and the research that can help us change.
  • The University of Sydney is offering a free online course on ‘Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health‘ which takes evidence-based approach strategies like exercise and relaxation techniques. This course will cover a wide range of topics such as creativity and yoga. It is a local Australian university featuring a large number of Australian experts in psychiatry, psychology and mental health research which is relevant to the RANZCO community.
Worth a Look


  • The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) has developed some excellent resources on their ‘Taking Care During a Pandemic‘ page.
  • RANZCO Fellow, Dr Anne Malatt’s website also contains information on topics relating to Health and Wellbeing.
  • The Yoga Impact Charity is offering free virtual yoga classes every weeknight between 6:30-7:30PM AEST via Zoom. The free classes will be running for two months.
  • No Money No Time – a website for healthy eating.
Worth a Read


  • The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living by Ryan Holiday. If the book is too much of a commitment, check out the website by the same name. The website includes many helpful and accessible resources.
  • In A Guide to the Good Life, William B. Irvine plumbs the wisdom of Stoic philosophy, one of the most popular and successful schools of thought in ancient Rome, and shows how its insights and advice are still remarkably applicable to modern lives. Google the title to find an online retailer – also available as an audiobook.
  • The new edition of Eye2Eye via the digital version on the website.
  • The United States Agency for Healthcare, Quality and Research have an easy-to-read and comprehensive guide to physician burnout.
  • The New England Journal of Medicine’s article on Confronting Health Worker Burnout and Well-Being, written by the US Surgeon General at the time.
  • An editorial piece from Dr Tait Shanafelt in JAMA on Enhancing Meaning in Work: A Prescription for Preventing Physician Burnout and Promoting Patient-Centered Care. Dr Shanafelt is a leading expert on burnout and how organisational change is required to address this occupational hazard.
Worth a View


  • Online Trainee Support Session for Basic Trainees with Dr Tremayne


  • In my Blood It Runs – recommended by Censor-in-Chief Justin Mora to anyone who works closely with First Nations People, this critically acclaimed documentary is told through the eyes of a charismatic 10-year-old Arrernte/Garrwa boy, Dujuan and his family. The documentary explores the impact of the lack of relevant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history in mainstream educational curriculum. The film is available for free via ABC iview for a limited time. Other access options for viewing can be found here.


  • “On Yoga” – ‘The Architecture of Peace’ on Netflix.


The EAP is a confidential counselling service available to RANZCO Fellows, associates, staff and their immediate family members. You can access EAP counselling by phone or you can call and make an appointment to see a counsellor face-to-face.

Get help from RANZCO’s EAP Provider

Read about how you can create healthy workplaces in our Converge Healthy Work Healthy Living Tip Sheets:

Maintaining good mental health is a priority to us all. A wide range of factors can impact our mental health and the mental health of our family, friends and colleagues. Day-to-day life can be hectic and our mental health can ultimately suffer. If you, a family member, a friend or colleague are struggling with a mental health issue, there are a large number of resources available to assist including the following:

RANZCO: Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The EAP is a confidential counselling service available to RANZCO Fellows, associates, staff and their immediate family members. You can access EAP counselling by phone or you can call and make an appointment to see a counsellor face-to-face. EAP can help you with:

  • Interpersonal conflict and tension;
  • Work-related stress;
  • Change in your work environment;
  • Harassment and Grievances;
  • Relationship and family matters;
  • Personal and emotional stress;
  • Grief and bereavement;
  • Career issues;
  • Mental health concerns;
  • Personal crisis or trauma.

1300 687 327 – Australia

0800 666 367 – New Zealand

If calling from outside Australia and New Zealand, please call +613 8620 5300


Doctors and medical students around Australia now have access to free, confidential telehealth mental health services through the new Drs4Drs Support Service, which has been established by Doctors’ Health Services Limited (DrHS). The Drs4Drs Support Service is funded by a grant from the Federal Department of Health, allowing participants to have up to three free telehealth counselling sessions. Accessing the Drs4Drs Support Service is simple. Doctors and medical students can call 1300 374 377 (1300 DR4 DRS) or visit


The AMA have partnered with the Australian Medical Students Association to introduce a new resource based on the traffic light system.


The Wellbeing Charter for Doctors aims to define wellbeing and describe the principles that guide the wellbeing of doctors in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. The Charter also describes the shared responsibility of wellbeing for the medical profession. Read the charter here.


Last updated: September 21, 2023

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