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The RANZCO Board and Council are committed to ensuring RANZCO fully embraces diversity and inclusion within its membership, the wider College and the community. To this end, RANZCO aims to have 35% of all leadership roles in the College filled by women.
For information about the Terms of Reference of a particular Committee, please visit the Committee Portal. If you have any trouble accessing your committee portal, please email


Allied Education

Appeals Committee
Follows the established Appeals Policy to hear and make determination on appeals to the College by any individual.

Archives and Museum Committee
Serves to assist in ensuring the preservation and promotion of the history of the College through management of RANZCO archives, museum and museum website.

The Archives and Museum Terms of Reference

Awards Committee
Reviews all nominations for College Awards and Medals, makes recommendations to the Board and promotes awareness of the College Awards and Medals.

Australian and New Zealand Eye Foundation (ANZEF)
ANZEF was established in 2018 as a new internal RANZCO committee dedicated to raising funds for important education and research projects across Australia, New Zealand and developing countries.


Boards of Examinations
Comprises experienced Fellows who conduct summative examinations for trainees in the ophthalmic sciences, and in advanced written and clinical competencies. The current Boards of Examinations include the following:

  • Board of Ophthalmic Basic Competencies and Knowledge (OBCK) Examiners
  • Board of Ophthalmic Sciences Examiners
  • Board of Ophthalmic Pathology Examiners
  • Board of RANZCO Advanced Clinical Examinations (RACE) Examiners


Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology (CEO) Editorial Board
Sets the direction and content for the RANZCO Journal, CEO.

Clinical Standards Committee
To ensure that RANZCO’s clinical practice guidelines are consistent with current best practices in Australia, New Zealand and internationally, RANZCO’s Clinical Standards Committee develop, review and update individual Clinical Practice Guidelines, provide input into submissions in response to consultations from peak professional bodies, government departments and regulators, and draft position statements for Board review. In response to emerging evidence, clinical standards committee also develops high quality information resources (e.g. fact sheets, patient and clinician pathways) promoting evidence-based best practice among clinicians, the public and government.

Committee Composition:

  • A/Prof Adrian Fung (NSW) – Chair
  • Dr Keith Ong (NSW)
  • Dr Lisa Cottee (NSW)
  • Dr Vicky Hsin-Ju Lu (NSW)
  • Dr Dermot Cassidy (VIC)
  • Dr CheeFong Chong (NZ)
  • Dr Mali Okada (VIC)
  • Dr Sharon Morris (QLD)
  • Dr Aparna Raniga (NSW)

Clinical Standards Committee Terms of Reference

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Committee
Provides advice and assistance regarding RANZCO’s CPD program directly to the Board, and supports Fellows in meeting their CPD requirements to maintain medical registration.

Curriculum Committee
Under guidance from the Qualification and Education Committee (QEC), the Curriculum Committee determines all aspects of the curriculum of the RANZCO Vocational Training Program (VTP) and, more broadly, other education and training programs developed by the College.

Communications Committee
Promotes the ophthalmology profession externally, and ensures RANZCO’s activities and strategies are presented accurately.

Code of Conduct Committee
Promotes the standards described in the RANZCO Code of Conduct, and hears complaints around the Code, as well as making recommendations for action by the Board or others.

Complaints Committee
Hears general complaints to RANZCO not related to the Code of Conduct, as well as making recommendations for action by the Board or others.


Diversity & Inclusion Committee
The aim of the RANZCO Diversity & Inclusion Committee is to engage a broader community of individuals in RANZCO’s activities, recognising that the ophthalmology environment requires input and analysis from a variety of voices, vantage points, and expertise from different geographies, backgrounds, disciplines and dimensions. More information on Diversity and Inclusion is available here.


Finance, Audit and Risk Management (FARM) Committee
Provides advice and assistance to the RANZCO Board including internal accounting and financial control systems, internal and external audits, financial statements and reporting processes and investment policy.

Future of Ophthalmology Taskforce Committee
Explores how artificial intelligence (AI) will shape the future of ophthalmology and other relevant professions. The committee researches emerging technology and discusses the impact of these technologies. The purpose of the committee is to analyse how AI will impact medicine and advise the College how to manage change.

Committee composition:

  • Prof Nitin Verma (Chair)
  • Dr Peter Van Wijngaarden
  • Dr Andrew Crawford
  • Dr Narmadai Deva
  • Dr Alex Hewitt
  • Dr Chandrashan Perera
  • Prof John Grigg
  • Dr Weng Onn Chan
  • Dr David Andrews
  • Prof Margaret Otlowski

Future of Ophthalmology Taskforce Committee Terms of Reference


Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC)
Is responsible for ensuring compliance with statutory requirements and College policies and procedures, in relation to clinical trials and research conducted in private practices. (Registered with the National Health & Medical Research Council).


Indigenous Committee
Addresses issues in relation to indigenous eye health.

International Development Committee (IDC)
Provides strategic guidance and mentoring, and helps to ensure that RANZCO remains true to its missions on international development issues.


Leadership Development Committee
Aims to develop the next generation of ophthalmic leaders, and supports ophthalmologists who work for the greater good of the community and the ophthalmology profession.

Local Organising Committee
Organises the Annual Scientific Congress.


Māori and Pasifika Health Committee
Works to increase cultural competence, equity and participation in regard to Māori and Pasifika patients and doctors in New Zealand.

Medicare Advisory Committee
Provides advice regarding changes and amendments to Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) ophthalmology item numbers, regulatory matters and related issues of relevance to ophthalmology to all Fellows. The committee also provides advice to the Australian Department of Health and the Department of Veterans Affairs, considers new proposals for services to be included in the MBS and/or private health funds, considers proposals for reimbursement of services, prostheses, devices or other items in applicable schemes and makes recommendations to the Board on endorsing or rejecting proposals based on their merits.

Committee composition:

  • Dr Bradley Horsburgh (Chair)
  • A/ Prof Alex Hunyor
  • Dr Zoe Gao
  • Dr Nisha Sachdev
  • Dr Robyn Troutbeck
  • Dr Ashish Agar
  • Dr Peter Sumich
  • Dr Clayton Barnes
  • Dr Allan Rosenberg
  • Dr Rohan Merani
  • A/ Prof Heather Mack

Medicare Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

Membership Committee
Comprises the President and Censor-in-Chief and considers applications for membership to make recommendations to Council.


Public Health Committee
Promotes public health through raising awareness about eye disease to help address preventable vision loss and blindness. Specifically, the committee’s work includes identification of modifiable risk factors and development of prevention strategies for advocacy initiatives that impact eye health with a focus on issues emerging as part of public health policy at the state or federal level.

Committee Composition:

  • Dr Joanne Dondey (VIC) – Chair
  • Dr Abhishek Sharma (QLD)
  • Dr Christolyn Rajakulenthiran (VIC)
  • Dr Helene Cass (NSW)
  • Dr Jane Khan (WA)
  • Dr John Downie (NSW)
  • Dr Kenneth Chan (NZ)
  • Dr Shanel Sharma (NSW)
  • Dr Shweta Kaushik (NSW)

Public Health Committee Terms of Reference

Professional Standards Committee
Commissioned by the RANZCO Board, this committee assists Fellows in the development of non-clinical skills in ophthalmology, especially in regard to their roles as managers, health advocates, scholars, professionals, communicators, medical experts/clinical decision makers and collaborators.


Qualification and Education Committee (QEC)
The QEC is the governing body of RANZCO’s education and training.


Scientific Program Committee
Plans and develops the scientific programs for RANZCO’s Annual Scientific Congresses.

Scientific Program Committee Terms of Reference

Specialist International Medical Graduate (SIMG) Committee
Responsible for assessing the medical and ophthalmic standards of competence and safety of overseas trained specialists to work in the Australian and New Zealand workforce.

Sustainability Committee
The Sustainability Committee ensures that the RANZCO Sustainability Charter, Principles and Goals are addressed and measured by working with other Committees on sustainability actions and reviewing the sustainability charter and UN Sustainability Development Goals every two years to inform the Board on actions, including implementation of actions to address sustainability.

Committee composition:

  • Dr Jesse Gale (Chair)
  • Dr John Landers
  • Dr Sarah Welch
  • Dr John McCoombes
  • Dr Michael Loughnan
  • Dr Michelle Gajus
  • Dr Sukhpal Sandhu

The Committee’s full Terms of Reference can be viewed here.


Therapeutics Committee
Therapeutics Committee provides advice on relevant therapeutic medicines specifically, medicine shortages as well as alternative medicines, provides guidance on ophthalmic therapeutic substances used in clinical practice and informs advocacy approaches. The Committee also provides advice and direction to the Board on emerging therapeutic issues as well as providing input into clinical guidelines, position statements and RANZCO responses to submissions and enquiries that relate to therapeutic substances.

Committee composition:

  • A/ Prof Andrew Symons (Chair)
  • Dr Keith Ong
  • Dr Alex Ioannidis
  • A/ Prof Michael Goggin
  • Prof Mark Gillies
  • Dr John Males
  • Dr Georgia Cleary
  • A/ Prof Penelope Allen
  • Dr Elaine Wong
  • Dr Emily Gregory-Roberts

The Committee’s full Terms of Reference can be viewed here.

Trainee Progression Committee
The Trainee Progression Committee (TPC) is a Sub-Committee of the Qualification and Education Committee (QEC).

The purpose of the TPC is to provide expert advice and support to the Censor-in-Chief (CIC) on trainee progression matters.

Training Post Inspection Committee

Trainee Representative Group
The Trainee Representative Group (TRG) ensures that trainees’ views are taken into account in decisions relevant to the training program.

A trainee is nominated by the trainees from each network and appointed to the TRG by the Regional QEC. The TRG meets on a regular basis to discuss issues raised by Trainees or by the College. Trainee issues are discussed at the QEC meetings, with a member of the group in attendance.


Visual Standards Committee
Aligned with RANZCO’s strategic priority to set, monitor and maintain standards for the provision of the highest quality evidence-based ophthalmology practice in Australia and New Zealand, the Visual Standards Committee are tasked with reviewing existing standards, guidelines and position statements. A key focus area for the committee is around guidelines and medical standards for Assessing Fitness to Drive in both Australia and New Zealand.

Committee composition:

  • Dr Rick Wolfe (VIC) – Chair
  • Dr Paul Beaumont (NSW)
  • Dr Germaine Gock (NSW)
  • Dr Cathryn Edrich (QLD)

The Committee’s full Terms of Reference can be viewed here.


Workforce Committee
Identifies and advises on existing and emerging eye health workforce issues.


Younger Fellows Advisory Group
The Younger Fellows Advisory Group represents the Younger Fellows of RANZCO (Fellows in their first ten years since admittance) and is committed to developing services and resources which are needed by these Fellows. There is also an aim to organise both a social and professional program at the Annual Scientific Congress and at Annual Branch Meetings where possible. The Chair represents the Group and younger Fellows at Council.

The Younger Fellows Advisory Group Terms of Reference is available here (PDF 133.4KB).

Last updated: December 1, 2021

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