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COVID-19: RANZCO Meetings

All non-essential RANZCO meetings have been cancelled until 14 April. This means both the NSW and VIC branch meetings. Additionally, the WA branch meeting in Bali planned for 29-30 May has been postponed until November. The ANZSRS meeting (Melbourne, 23-24 May), NZ branch meeting (Christchurch, 8-9 May) and the TAS branch meeting (Hobart, 12-14 June) have been cancelled. This will be reviewed on a rolling basis as the situation develops. Fellows are urged to consider whether they should attend any large public gatherings, including sporting events. The requirement to isolate for 14 days following potential contact with a positive carrier could have a huge effect on public and private eye care.



Should we hold face-to-face committee meetings?

  • Non-essential meetings should be postponed.
  • Essential committee meetings should proceed via tele or video conference

Why cancel meetings when the risk is low?

While the risk is low to individuals, the risks of holding meetings are high:

  • If any attendee gets upper respiratory tract infection symptoms, all attendees will have to self-quarantine until results of testing are known or two weeks at most.
  • This will have a significant impact on health system-wide ophthalmology capacity.
  • This will have significant financial impact on your and your partner’s private practice.

Should RANZCO conduct state branch and SIG meetings?

  • These meetings will be cancelled on a case-by-case basis, to be regularly reviewed. No meeting will happen before 14 April.
  • We will work with meeting organisers to minimise organisational and financial impacts. This may mean some meetings beyond 14 April will proactively be cancelled soon.

Will insurance cover RANZCO losses for meetings?

No. Unfortunately, no policies cover communicable diseases such as coronavirus. The relevant branch or SIG will lose money from cancelled meetings.

Will travel insurance cover my losses for cancelled meetings?

  • Contact your provider, if you have insurance, but this is unlikely.
  • RANZCO policies do not cover individuals in this case.


Last updated: April 3, 2020

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