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Who or What is ANZEF?

Launched in late 2018, ANZEF is the Australian & New Zealand Eye Foundation which is the fundraising, promotional and charitable arm of RANZCO. ANZEF is a committee of RANZCO and is comprised of ophthalmologists who donate their time to assist with fundraising endeavours. 

ANZEF’s chief aim is to end preventable blindness in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region through the funding of eye care research and education projects that will make a difference to the people who are most in need.  

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Who or What is RANZCO?

The Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists (RANZCO) is the medical college responsible for the training and professional development of ophthalmologists in Australia and New Zealand. RANZCO is a membership organisation in which the members (ophthalmologists) donate their time to train future generations of ophthalmologists, as well as assisting with capacity building in remote Australia and the Asia Pacific region. 

RANZCO’s mission is to drive improvements in eye healthcare in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region through continuing exceptional training, education, research and advocacy.  

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Wasn’t there an earlier version of ANZEF?

Prior to ANZEF, RANZCO was involved with the Eye Surgeons Foundation (ESF). ESF was a standalone charitable organisation, formed by RANZCO, that operated for 15 years under the auspices of both RANZCO and the Ophthalmic Research Institute of Australia (ORIA), raising $25 million for eye health initiatives. However, when ESF ended, RANZCO committed to ensuring the legacy of ESF by taking many of its functions in house, where the running costs could be reduced by drawing on RANZCO resources that are already successfully in place. Accordingly, ESF was disbanded in late 2017, with transition to ANZEF completed in late 2018.  

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Why donate to ANZEF?

Eighty-six percent (86%) of Australians say that sight is their most valued sense, with the figure increasing to 93% for those over 55 years of age. In fact, 60% of Australians say that the fear of going blind is worse than the fear of having a heart attack or losing a limb.  

However, 90% of vision loss is preventable or treatable if detected early enough.  

Whilst we are fortunate in Australia to have 39 ophthalmologists per million people to provide sight saving surgery and medical treatments, some people in regional and remote areas of Australia and New Zealand experience significant barriers to accessing this care. In addition, many Asia Pacific countries have significantly less access to eye care than in Australia and New Zealand (e.g. In Papua New Guinea there are only two ophthalmologists per million people).  

Your donation to ANZEF could help us fund projects that aim to close the gap in eye health outcomes in Australia, New Zealand and across the Asia Pacific region. 

Is ANZEF a registered charity?

Yes, ANZEF (via RANZCO as its official legal entity) is registered as a tax deductible charitable organisation with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ABN 80 000 644 404) and with the New Zealand Government’s Charities Services (#CC53935). ANZEF is licensed to accept public donations in all states and territories in Australia and in New Zealand. 

What projects does ANZEF fund?

ANZEF aims to fund projects that lead to sustainable (i.e. long term) outcomes in eye care health, including projects that educate local doctors and healthcare workers to deliver much needed eye care to their local communities. These locally trained professionals can then train more health care professionals in their home countries, resulting in sustainable and high quality eye care for those who need it most. 

ANZEF also aims to fund important research projects that seek to eliminate eye disease, improve techniques and practices, produce innovative approach and devices and improve outcomes for those with failing vision. 

How can I donate to ANZEF?

Donations to ANZEF can be made via Electronic Funds Transfer, Credit Card (Visa & Mastercard only) or via cheque. All donations above AUD$2 or $NZ5 are tax deductible, and you will be issued with a receipt accordingly. Please refer to Foundation for specific information on how to donate. 

Can I specify where I want my ANZEF donation to go?

All donations to ANZEF go towards funding important and worthy eye research or education projects in general, but it is possible to specify either ‘for Education only’ or ‘for Research only’ if you have a preference. To state your preference, simply email at the time of your donation and specify your name, the donation amount and your funding preference (either ‘for Education’ or ‘for Research’) and we will allocate your donation accordingly.

How can I be more involved with ANZEF?

If you would like to spread the word on how to help end preventable blindness in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region, just drop us an email at with your name and address and we can mail you out some ANZEF donation brochures for distribution among your family, friends and work colleagues. Just let us know how many you need, and we’ll do our very best to assist you.  

Can I make a bequest or leave a donation to ANZEF in my will?

A bequest in a will refers to the act of giving a gift of money or something you own to a person or organisation. The person or organisation receiving the item is the beneficiary. If you would like to leave a bequest to ANZEF please contact our CEO, Dr David Andrews ( or 02 9690 1001) to discuss your proposed bequest further. It can be as simple as inserting either of the phrases below in your will: 


I give [insert gift] to the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists (ABN 80 000 644 404) (RANZCO) for its purposes. It is my wish that this gift is allocated for its work in the Australia and New Zealand Eye Foundation.  


I give the residuary of my estate to the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists (ABN 80 000 644 404) (RANZCO) for its purposes. It is my wish that this gift is allocated for its work in the Australia and New Zealand Eye Foundation. 

How might my bequest be used?

How your bequest might be used will depend on the extent, nature and instructions for your bequest (in prior consultation with our CEO), but as some examples, we have had bequests from past Fellows of the College that have allowed us to set up scholarships to assist the education of ophthalmologists from Indigenous and Māori/Pasifika backgrounds, or in specialty areas of ophthalmology. These scholarships include the: 

  • Trevelyan-Smith Scholarship Fundwhich offers up to four scholarships of $2,000 each for medical students or junior doctors who identify as Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Māori or Pasifika, and are interested in pursuing a career in ophthalmology 
  • Alan James bequest and the Trevelyan-Smith bequest which provide for up to seven Travelling Scholarships per annum, each worth $10,000. This helps to assist fifth year trainees or young ophthalmologists undertaking a fellowship, to gain specific knowledge at an overseas teaching hospital that is a world leader in their area of specialisation, and 
  • Topham bequest which provides an annual travelling scholarship, usually in the amount of $10,000, to a Queensland trained young ophthalmologist undertaking a fellowshipto gain specific knowledge at an overseas teaching hospital that is a world leader in their area of specialisation. 

Refer to Scholarships, Grants and Fellowships for further information.

Last updated: July 14, 2020

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