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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RANZCO's role in the assessment of Specialist International Medical Graduates (SIMGs)?

RANZCO’s role is to assess the training, qualifications and experience of the SIMG for ‘comparability’ with an ophthalmologist trained and qualified in Australia. See Australia for more information.

What is RANZCO's role in the assessment of International Medical Graduates (IMGs) in New Zealand?

The Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) seeks the advice of RANZCO’s New Zealand International Medical Graduate (IMG) Committee on an IMG applicant’s ‘equivalence’ to a New Zealand-trained ophthalmologist. See New Zealand for more information.

Does RANZCO organise visas?

No, the applicant may choose to use a migration agent or liaise directly with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship themselves. Sometimes an employer is involved with the organisation of a visa.

What information does RANZCO require to assess an application for Specialist Pathway or Area of Need/Specialist Pathway assessment?

Please see the list of REQUIRED DOCUMENTS FOR APPLICATION included in the Application Form.

If an SIMG is assessed by RANZCO and is required to undertake further ophthalmic training or experience, does RANZCO provide that training or experience?

No. If an applicant is required to undertake further ophthalmic training or experience as a result of the specialist recognition assessment, they need to arrange such training themselves.

Can an SIMG apply to the RANZCO Vocational Training Program (VTP)?

Yes. SIMGs may apply to RANZCO to register for selection if they meet all of the eligibility criteria. See Vocational Training Program for further information.

Does RANZCO organise short-term training fellowships for International Medical Graduates?

No. The IMG must contact a suitable training institution directly.
As part of a short-term training fellowship application, the Department of Immigration & Citizenship requires RANZCO’s endorsement that the position to be occupied by the applicant is a genuine training position and the training program is appropriate to the needs of the applicant.

Does RANZCO organise short-term elective blocks for trainee doctors/trainee ophthalmologists from other countries?

No. The IMG must contact a suitable hospital directly (see above).

Is RANZCO a direct employer of specialist ophthalmologists?

No. RANZCO conducts the postgraduate Vocational Training Program (VTP) for ophthalmologists within Australia and New Zealand which is conducted onsite in hospitals; runs the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program for members of RANZCO, and looks after various other ophthalmic matters within Australia and New Zealand.

What are the assessment fees?

For fees relating to Specialist Recognition in Australia see the Specialist International Medical Graduate Fee Advice and Payment Form.

For fees relating to Vocational Registration in New Zealand please see MCNZ’s website

Please email if you have further questions regarding specialist assessment.

Last updated: November 28, 2023

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