Media and Advocacy


As the custodian of professional and ethical standards for ophthalmology in Australia and New Zealand, RANZCO has substantial responsibilities for engaging diverse audiences on issues impacting eye healthcare.

With its encompassing responsibilities for administering health and medical systems, government is a primary stakeholder in the College’s activities. We maintain regular liaison with various departments, statutory authorities and other bodies to assist policy development and the management of regulatory processes.

The preparation of discussion papers, submissions and policy proposals is a core element of the College’s engagement program. With all the responsibilities of being an Institute of Higher Education, RANZCO must adhere strictly to evidence-based argument.


The College implements a comprehensive program of media engagement to raise awareness across the broad community of eye healthcare. This task is substantial for, despite most people believing that vision is their most valuable faculty, there is a tendency to take this remarkable gift for granted.

RANZCO produces and disseminates a regular flow of communication on a variety of platforms. The emergence of social media has created a wealth of new opportunities for engagement in addition to traditional media.

Initiating and monitoring conversations in the digital sphere requires constant attention. The complexity of ophthalmology presents real challenges in creating messages that can be readily understood by the general community. Simplicity is the key to helping change attitudes and habits. But the ability to attract attention without sensationalism remains the priority.

RANZCO produces a diverse array of educational materials for both specialists and allied health professionals as well as the broader public.

With a strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, the College develops and implements a comprehensive program to assist developing nations in the Asia-Pacific region with upskilling of their eye healthcare professionals and provides support to projects that help reduce vision impairment in the community.