APAO Bangkok - Dr Sophia Zagora

It was a great pleasure to be involved in the recent APAO-AAO-SOE Joint Session for young ophthalmologists (YO) at the APAO conference in Bangkok 6-9 March 2019. This is a new evolving forum that has developed in the last few years to bring young ophthalmologists from the Asia Pacific together to present their work and discuss issues that face young ophthalmologists.

RANZCO initially called for young ophthalmologists (40 years and younger, up to five years fellowship) to submit an abstract that would be of interest to other young ophthalmologists. I was selected as one of two RANZCO representatives and then the APAO YO standing committee selected five people to present and compete for the best presentation.

There were nine talks in total for the forum. The first four talks of the session were given by AAO and SOE young ophthalmologists about a number of topics including setting up YO chapters and giving award winning video talks. The last five presentations were about projects or research that we had been involved in. These included ‘Large-Scale Crowdsourced Research Using iPhone Application DryEyeRhythm’, ‘High Resolution Optical Coherence Elastography of Retina under Prosthetic Electrode’ and ‘The Hunt for Functional Vitreous Replacement’.

I presented on the M’s – ‘Multimodal imaging, Multiconsultant and Multidisciplinary clinics’ which I have helped publish on and be involved in setting up within the uveitis department since I returned from fellowship.

We were judged on our presentation including content and timing. Although I didn’t win, I thoroughly enjoyed presenting and hearing about what other young ophthalmologists from around our region have been doing.

It is a great avenue to connect with others around our Asia Pacific region. There are also young ophthalmologist social events that you are able to attend as a registrant of the conference.

Thank you to RANZCO for helping to facilitate this opportunity. I would also encourage other young ophthalmologists to submit an abstract for next year.


Young Ophthalmologist Symposium with the young ophthalmologist award winners.

Dr Sophia Zagora