Two newly updated resources released to help guide purchase and donations of eye health equipment and consumables

On October 14, The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) has launched a new website dedicated to the latest IAPB Standard List, to coincide with World Sight Day. On the following day, RANZCO is releasing its updated Guidelines for Donation of Equipment and Consumables.

IAPB Standards List

The IAPB’s Standard List is a database of eye health equipment. It collates information about diagnostic, medical and surgical equipment, including evaluations, comparisons for best-outcome and best-value equipment available. The parameters used for evaluating products include value for money; customer service; quality control; appropriateness for low and middle income countries; ease of use; and frequency of purchase. Based on the IAPB’s detailed analysis, the Standard List can guide the purchase as well as the donation of equipment and provide guidance on purchasing and maintaining eye health equipment.

To coincide with World Sight Day, the IAPB released a newly updated version of the Standard List website. The updated website also includes a 'top-buys' list of recommended products in each category of products. The evaluation criteria of appropriateness for low and middle income countries makes the IAPB Standard List of particular relevance for those planning international donations of ophthalmology equipment. Click here to visit the new website.


[Source: http://iapb.standardlist.org/about/]

RANZCO Guidelines for Donation of Equipment and Consumables

In recent weeks, RANZCO has released updated versions of a number of its international development guidelines. Today, RANZCO is releasing its updated Guidelines for Donation of Equipment and Consumables.

The newly-updated guidelines can help ensure that any donation of equipment or consumables is appropriate and in-line with international best-practice standards for eye health equipment and consumables donations. The guidelines rely on a number of international guidelines and standards, including the IAPB Standard List, as well as relevant World Health Organisation guidelines, and 2016-updated guidelines by the Partnership for Quality Medical Donations.

Further international development guidelines have been reviewed and updated and will be released via the RANZCO website over the coming weeks. All development guidelines are available in the Policies section of the RANZCO website here.

For any information regarding RANZCO international development programs and international development guidelines, please email gvanheerden@ranzco.edu.

RANZCO Policy and Programs team


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