RANZCO Human Rights guidelines updated

In recent weeks, RANZCO has released updated versions of a number of its international development guidelines. Today, RANZCO is releasing its updated Human Rights guidelines.

The Human Rights guidelines emphasise RANZCO’s commitment to the human rights framework as a leading principle in any of RANZCO’s development projects. This commitment is anchored by adherence to relevant United Nations documents and covenants.

The guidelines offer a particular focus on the intrinsic link between human rights, development, and health (chapter 3). Furthermore, the guidelines discuss human rights specifically in the context of RANZCO’s development work (chapter 4) and offer clear direction regarding policy implementation of the human rights framework (chapter 5).

RANZCO’s commitment to improving eye health both in Australia / New Zealand as well as in the Asia-Pacific region is borne out of an understanding of health as a human rights matter, and, in particular, vision as a key determinant of individuals’ ability to take full part in society and exercise their human rights.

Further international development guidelines have been reviewed and updated and will be released via the RANZCO website over the coming weeks. All development guidelines are available in the Policies section of the RANZCO website here.

For any information regarding RANZCO international development programs and guidelines, please email gvanheerden@ranzco.edu.

RANZCO Policy and Programs team


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