Eye2Eye Advertising

Reach Australian and New Zealand Ophthalmologists, Practice Managers, Orthoptists and Ophthalmic nurses with RANZCO's exclusive communications and publications
 (PDF 824.4KB)RANZCO offers advertisers a unique opportunity to advertise across all available RANZCO communication vehicles, including the RANZCO website, e-news (classifieds advertising only) and magazine to reach thousands of Australian and New Zealand ophthalmologists and a wide range of allied health professionals.

The magazine is primarily read by Australian and New Zealand ophthalmologists. It is also sent to a wide range of allied health professionals who fall under the RANZCO associate member groups. These comprise of Practice Managers, Orthoptists and Ophthalmic nurses and RANZCO Trainees.

Eye2Eye Advertising Rates 2018-19(PDF771.8KB) (PDF 833.2KB)
Eye2Eye Booking Form 2018-19 (PDF 121.5KB)

Eye2Eye is sent quarterly to over 1,600 individuals and tends to be between 52-68 pages. It contains information on RANZCO member activities, eye care programs and general news of interest to eye care professionals. To advertise in the Eye2Eye, please fill out this form (PDF 115.8KB) and email to eye2eye@ranzco.edu. To advertise a Classifieds, please visit Classifieds Advertising.