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Membership Types


RANZCO Fellowship is available to those ophthalmologists who have successfully graduated from the RANZCO VTP or who have been through the S-IMG processand been deemed substantially comparable. Fellowship must be applied for and is ratified by the RANZCO Council. FRANZCOs are required to meet the regulatory needs of the MCNZ or APHRA, as well as maintaining a spirit of collegiality and the continuous improvement of their clinical and professional skills. This is done via the RANZCO CPD Program and online learning resources such as Moodle, the RANZCO Annual Scientific Congress, and a range of Board endorsed Committees and Branches. Fellows also broaden their skills and engagement with the wider national and international community through various RANZCO international programs.

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Associates of the College include Practice Managers, Trainees, Ordinary and International Associates, and Orthoptists. The 2018/2019 schedule of rates is available here. (PDF 395.7KB)

Practice Managers

RANZCO encourages all Ophthalmic Practice Managers to join as associates of RANZCO. Association entitles you to full access of website resources, RANZCO publications and e-news, as well as reduced rates on publications, such as Successful Practice Management. The RANZCO Practice Managers' Group organises a conference in conjunction with the annual RANZCO Congress. Practice Manager Associates receive a substantial discount on their registration and have the option of submitting papers for inclusion in the conference program. Further, RANZCO's Practice Managers’ Group assist RANZCO in providing targeted resources and developing dedicated sessions at the Congress. The Group is supported by a RANZCO staff member.

RANZCO is continuing to develop its membership offering for Practice Managers and feedback on useful resources and services can be sent to ranzco@ranzco.edu.


Orthoptist Associates of RANZCO receive access to website resources and online access to the AAO’s ONE Network and RANZCO’s Medline Journal Database. Orthoptics Australia organises an annual conference in conjunction with the RANZCO Congress, and Orthoptic delegates are encouraged to register through Orthoptics Australia. RANZCO offers special reduced rates for Orthoptists who are members of Orthoptics Australia or the NZ Orthopic Society.

Rates for both categories and application forms are available from RANZCO; ranzco@ranzco.edu

Ordinary and International Associates

RANZCO defines Ordinary Associates as:

"Medical practitioners, scientists, academics or others who are not ophthalmologists" - Extract from By Law 1 

International Associates include Ophthalmologists from countries not registered in either Australia or New Zealand. These members also receive the RANZCO News four times a year, and receive concession rates to RANZCO Congresses. Further, Ophthalmologists from the Asia-Pacific Region can access additional discounts to the annual RANZCO Congress.

Rates for both categories and application forms are available from RANZCO; ranzco@ranzco.edu

Ophthalmologist of Eminence

An international ophthalmologist may be considered for admission as a Fellow according to Clause 6 of the RANZCO Constitution and Paragraph 3.2(b)(ii) of the RANZCO By-Law: Membership, Council and Governance. Nominations will be considered individually and the nominee may not be required to meet all aspects of the criteria set out in the Ophthalmologist of Eminence Policy (PDF 169.5KB).