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Younger and Senior Fellows

Fellows from all different stages in their career have come together to produce a comprehensive insight into the many exciting and sometimes challenging aspects of practice faced by Fellows today. RANZCO Younger Fellows discuss career pathways and opportunities with a focus on broadening experience both locally and overseas. At the other end of the spectrum some of the RANZCO Senior and Retired Fellows delve into the intricacies of winding down a practice, succession planning and life after practice. You can find more information within the Fellowship Lifecycle Resources.

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Stay informed about activities and initiatives being developed by the Younger Fellows Advisory Group. With a survey carried out approximately every 18 months the group uses this as valuable feedback to highlight the needs of Fellows in their first ten years of practice. Fellows from right across Australia and New Zealand make up the group.

Group Survey

Previously, the group sent out a survey to their segment of the Fellowship to gain a better understanding of the issues that are most important. They will use the results of this survey to plan future events and sessions, and it will also guide the work that the Younger Fellows Advisory Group undertakes.

Information Sessions 

There are numerous opportunities to meet in person throughout the year at local Branch Meetings and at the Annual Scientific Congress. The Younger Fellows Group aims to provide a wide range of activities from open forum sessions about a number of topics and opportunities to network and socialise, in the spirit of collaboration and collegiality. At both the 2014 and 2015 Annual Congresses, the Younger Fellows have held a session in the main program with topics including: Starting a practice, ethical practice/interacting with industry, pursuing an academic career/research, dealing with complaints and setting up a practice/day clinic.

News and Resources

The Group has an ongoing commitment to provide important news, information and support to younger Fellows. If you have ideas or recommendations for website content and resources, please let us know.


The Younger Fellows' Advisory Group has recently been formed to represent the views and interests of fellows within the first 10 years of obtaining RANZCO Fellowship. The group is made of representatives from Australia and New Zealand:

Kenneth Chan - Chair (NZ) Chih-Hung (Nelson) Kuo (QLD) Matthew Little (SA)
Chameen Samarawickrama - Deputy Chair (NSW) Jennifer Fan Gaskin (VIC) Andrea Ang (WA)
Narme Deva (NZ) Nathan Sachdev (NSW) Tom Cuneen (WA)
Zoe Gao (Tas)
Shane Durkin (SA)

Todd Goodwin (QLD) Jesse Gale (NZ)


The Senior and Retired Fellows are an integral part of RANZCO, and remain deeply entrenched in activities for the benefit of the Fellowship. The Chair of the Group represents Senior and Retired Fellows at Council. The Group has a strong commitment to ensuring Senior and Retired Fellows remain involved in College activities.

Over the last couple of years the Senior and Retired Fellows Group have worked hard to develop activities at the Annual Scientific Congress. With a strong emphasis on creating plenty of opportunity for networking and catching up with friends and colleagues.

Activities include an annual dinner for Fellows and their partners. The evening comprises of dinner, speeches and plenty of time to catch up. During the day there are sessions each lunch break at the Senior and Retired Fellows lounge. This is a space is especially for Fellows to have a coffee and meet with friends. The lunch time presentations vary from day to day. Each year, the group invite a local Fellow to join to assist in planning for events at the Congress.


Prof John Crompton (SA) Chairperson
Dr Emmanuel Gregory (NSW) Past Chairperson (2015-2017)
Dr Frank Cheok (NSW)  Past Chairperson (2011-2015)



Your input is very important to us. If you missed the opportunity to complete the survey or you have ideas, or concerns to raise, feel free to contact Sarah Stedman (Manager, Memberships) at the College at sstedman@ranzco.edu who liaises with Advisory Groups and Branches.