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Interview with Ophthalmologist Dr Nicholas Toalster

Nicholas Toalster

I am an eye doctor at Sydney Eye Hospital where I work as the Corneal Fellow. I look after patients from across New South Wales and Australia with problems of the front of their eyes, performing operations such as corneal transplants. I have worked in eye healthcare since 1999, having completed degrees in optometry, medicine and ophthalmology surgical training. My passion is training the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Why did you choose ophthalmology as a profession?
Starting my career in eye care was more luck than choice, but once I began helping patients on a daily basis I was hooked. Because of the profound effect eye disease had on my patients and the dramatic improvements they achieved with modern therapies, I derived a great sense of satisfaction from my work and decided to further my training and medical specialisation.

Why do you believe vision is such an important sense to look after?
My patients invariably tell me they could lose any of their senses but not their vision. Ours is a visual world, with more and more of what we do dominated by the need to see. More importantly I think that our eyes are more closely connected with our emotional selves than just about any other part of our body. We understand and interact with those around us by seeing and people connect to us through our eyes.

What would you like people to know about looking after their eyes?
I would like everyone to know that treatments for eye conditions these days are, for the most part, amazingly effective. So much so, even I am amazed quite often. You can’t go wrong having regular eye checks and, at the first sign of problems, make sure you see an eye care professional.

Last updated: November 29, 2018

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